Automation software that helps you grow your practice, reduce your workload and build deeper relationships with your patients, from first booking to happy patients and beyond.

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Automatic Re-calls

With a few clicks build your automatic re-call protocols. Automate your re-calls based on their last appointment date, appointment type, demographics, patient’s condition, or number of past visits. We give you the tools to make personalised, targeted and effective re-calls.

Digital Patient Forms

Let your patients fill your forms at their own convenience. Get their information and consent digitally. Everything will update in Cliniko in real-time. Send your forms via email or SMS automatically and 

'Go Paperless' with in-practice tablet forms. All forms can automatically generate a signed PDF attached to patient profile.

KPI Dashboard

Create visual dashboards for your practice. Track performance of your clinic without spending hours on spreadsheets. Keep your eye on Late cancellations, DNAs with no rebook and Cancellations with no rebook.

Measure each practitioner's performance with a couple of clicks.

Calendar Optimisation

Reduce your Late Cancellations and Late Arrivals. Rebook your cancellations and communicate instantly with your DNAs (Did not arrive).

Patient Experience Optimisations

Optimise your patient journey. From welcome emails, to birthday letters. Create sequences of patient education for each condition and keep in touch with your patients after discharge.

Task Manager


The smart way to keep up to date with your patients and their referrers and bring order to your daily workflow

Free unlimited access to Dashboard

Easy setup. No lock-in contract.

Trusted by the most innovative healthcare practices - big and small

Security is our number-one priority. Every piece of data and communication is encrypted and automatically backed up in secure facilities right here in Australia.

We are fully compliant with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and all relevant state and territorial legislation pertaining to the handling of healthcare information.

We treat every communication between you and your patients as a legal document requiring the highest attention to privacy and security. We also provide a fully searchable archive for future retrieval.

Free unlimited access to Dashboard

Easy setup. No lock-in contract.

Here are some sample videos incase you want to take a look inside.

Re-call / Reactivation

Patient Retention

Patient Satisfaction